Mike’s Certification Resume

This is a partial resume of my diving and maritime certifications and licenses.  I recently served almost 3 years as the program manager for the Tech XR Division of Scuba Schools International (SSI) so most of my courses are run through that agency although I maintain active status with a few agencies.  I have not listed every specialty course (altitude diver, navigation, etc) nor have I listed things like unit specific rebreather certifications as the list would be too long and the benefit of listing those items too small.  This is provided to give a general idea of the breadth and depth of my certifications for divers seeking an instructor, companies seeking consultants and legal entities considering my expert consultation services.   The list is fairly current, however, I do not maintain all of these certifications in an active status.  Keeping certs active requires the payment of dues to multiple agencies, tracking and reporting continuing education hours, certifications issued etc.  So as a practical matter I keep the certifications that I use routinely active (SDI, TDI, ERDI, IANTD and the USCG for the most part), the others I re-activate when required.  The certifications are listed alphabetically by category with no special emphasis to any one certifying agency.

Technical & Public Safety Instructor Certifications:

 Emergency Response Diving International: (ERDI IT #1)  Public Safety & Military Training Division of ITI ; International Training Director June 1999 through Dec 2004;  ERD-2 Instructor Trainer (all levels)
International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers: (IANTD IT #132 initial date of certification 1993);  TRIMIX Instructor Trainer; Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructor Trainer; Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructor Trainer; Technical Wreck Diving Instructor Trainer; Technical Cave Diving Instructor; Cavern Diving Instructor Trainer; TRIMIX Gas Blender Instructor Trainer; Nitrox Instructor Trainer
Professional SCUBA Association International: (PSAI ITE #3); Managing Director of the Americas Division, 2005 – 2006; Instructor Trainer Examiner # 3 all levels; 
SCUBA Schools International (SSI IT#25170); Technical Extended Range Instructor Trainer; Platinum Pro 5000 Instructor; Member – Technical Diving Safety Board 2006 – 2012; 
 Technical Diving International:  (TDI IT #94); Served on the international training advisory board, 1999 thru 2004; Instructor Trainer # 94 (all levels); Closed Circuit Rebreather IT; Semi Closed Circuit Rebreather IT; Advanced TRIMIX Instructor Trainer; Advanced Wreck Instructor Trainer; Advanced Gas Blending Instructor 

 Recreational Diving Instructor Certifications:

American Academy of Underwater Sciences – Scientific Diving Instructor
(NOTE: AAUS training is only available through an AAUS member institution)

CMAS (Federacion Mexicana De Actividades Subacuaticas) Three star instructor

National Academy of SCUBA Educators:  (NASE #12813)  Instructor Trainer – All Levels (inactive)

Professional Association of Diving Instructors:  (PADI MI#46463)  Master Instructor, (1994);  Master Scuba Diver Trainer; Emergency First Response Instructor; Medic First Aid Instructor; Diving Education Counselor
 SCUBA Diving International:  (SDI-IT#94); Instructor trainer all levels; Training Board Member, 1999 through 2004
SCUBA Schools International (SSI – #IT25170); Global Program Manager for the TXR (Tech) Division 2009-2012; Dive Control Specialist Instructor; Instructor Trainer; Platinum Pro 5000 Instructor; Inducted into Platinum Pro 5000 Foundation 2006

Other Licenses and Certifications:

International Board of Undersea Medicine – Advanced Diver Medic, December 1999(inactive)
 United States Coast Guard  –  Licensed Merchant Marine Master, 100 ton, Near Coastal (200 mile limit), Power, Sail and Commercial Towing Endorsements 

Life Support Equipment Technician Certifications

Cressi-Sub Regulator Service and Repair Technician, Pneumatic Spear Gun Service and Repair Technician

Dräger Dive Americas – Rebreather Service Technician # 990187

International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers – Life Support Equipment Service Technician (oxygen) Instructor Trainer and Advanced Gas Blending Technician Instructor Trainer

Poseidon Regulator – Service and Repair Technician & Regulator Service Technician Trainer; MK VI & MK VII CCR Service and Repair Technician 

Scubapro – Pro Level Technician

Sherwood SCUBA Division – Regulator Service and Repair Technician

Technical Divers International – Life Support Service Technician (Oxygen Service) Instructor Trainer, Adv. Gas Blending Technician Instructor Trainer

US Divers – Regulator Repair and Service Technician

Zeagle Systems, Inc. – Regulator Service and Repair Technician # 96165