Expert Consultant & Witness

Through my company TDE, Inc., I have been providing marketing support, risk management and product development consultations as well as direct sales management for a number of major companies in the diving industry since the mid 1990’s.  I also have extensive experience as an investigator, expert consultant and expert witness in diving related incidents.

Incident Investigator and Expert Consultant:

Prior to his involvement in diving Mike worked as a criminal investigator and he acquired both extensive experience and a great deal of training in that field.  His training included the criminal investigations school for the US Army and a number of other civilian and military schools for law enforcement investigators and physical security experts/inspectors.  Additionally, he was certified as an emergency medical technician* (EMT) at the advanced life support level and as an advanced diving medical technician* (DMT-A/chamber operator).  He has both worked as a public safety diver and trained hundreds of public safety divers from agencies around the world.  In addition to these skills Mike holds over 160 international diving certifications at the instructor trainer/master instructor level from 9 different certifying agencies and is a US Coast Guard licensed Master with power, sail and commercial towing endorsements.  He has served on the training or safety boards for 5 different international training agencies, is the author of Diver Down: Real Life SCUBA Accidents and How to Avoid One (McGraw Hill Publishing), 9 diving related textbooks and over 200 articles published in major magazines and journals in the US and abroad.  Mike brings all of these skills to the investigation of diving accidents for articles, books and for work as an expert advisor.

My PhD research concentrated on the effectiveness of diver training methods and how those methods prepare diver’s for responding to critical incidents.  An expansion of my research examined the impact of training methods on diver retention programs.  While serving as the Diving Safety Officer and head of the Aquanautics Department at Texas A&M University I was certified by the American Academy of Underwater Sciences as a Scientific Diving Instructor.

Mike’s contributions as an expert and/or an investigator in legal proceedings spans the country from Massachusetts to California.  He has conducted diving accident investigations in both the US and internationally for attorneys and other officials.  Mike is available as an established expert consultant in diving procedures, diver training and equipment function as well as a forensic investigator in diving and other water related accidents.

Business Consulting Services:

Since 1995, TDE, Inc and Mike Ange have been active in the development of products for the diving market as well as providing sales/marketing and risk management consultation to the companies that design and build these products.  Our list of clients includes:

Aquatica – (Underwater Camera Systems – Canada)
Interview on Portuguese National TV
Dräger Safety, Diving Equipment Division (Germany)
Farallon (diver propulsion vehicles)
Harvey’s Skin Diving Suits (exposure suits)
International Training, Inc (diver certification agency)
National Academy of SCUBA Educators (diver certification agency)
NiteRyder, (Technical Lighting Systems)
Ocean Management Systems
Poseidon Diving Systems (Sweden)
SEAC Sub (Italy)
SCUBA Diving Magazine (contributing technical/training editor from 2001-2009)
Sitech (Sweden)
Trelleborg Viking (commercial dry suits – Sweden)
Waterproof Diving International, AB (exposure suits – Sweden)
White’s Manufacturing (dry suits – Canada))

As a result of the quality of the services provided, Mike Ange was recruited and served as the business unit manager and the International Marketing Manager for Dräger Dive Americas (2000 – 2002) and as the Managing Director for Waterproof Diving International AB’s, U.S. Division (2003 – 2009).  He also served as a V.P. for Sitech AB’s, US Division (2007-2009).

Mike has traveled extensively throughout Europe and in many areas of Asia for business and he is familiar with the intricacies and customs involved in the international business arena.  In addition to local companies Mike has experience in dealing with the US embassies and consulates that can assist with resolving business issues.

He routinely advises foreign companies on the procedures for setting up corporations and distribution networks in the USA as well as serving as a local corporate officer for these companies to facilitate smoother start up operations and to mitigate the complications foreign corporations frequently encounter when establishing themselves in the United States.

Mike’s CV and references are available upon request and he may be contacted via email at or via phone in the US at +1(305)209-9505.

*Note: Not all certifications are maintained in an “active status” unless or until needed.
Index photo is of Mike Ange being interviewed on Portugal’s National TV 3 while conducting training for members of the Portuguese National Fire Service in Torres Novas – photo is courtesy of Joao Neves of Submate Lda